Top 20 Voting

Vote For The CCG Network Radio Top 20 (Week Of November 10)
Vitali & P. The Politician (That Day)
Bambrace Coleman (Attest)
Barbante Electrico (Maria e Joao)
Stedman Miley (Got It)
Tobi Ghost (Hard Drive)
Amistad (A Letter To Myself)
Oskeptical (Edge Of Collapse)
Nyu Kyung (Shouldn’t Take Long)
Mahou ft Christine Nguyen (Take)
JTW (Shattered)
Jay-Ton (Shawty Nasty)
Jay Williz (Bad)
1Party (In The Clouds)
Delverien (For Change)
ChristCi DéöLi LIBERTIN (Save You)
Ilana Herst (To Love You)
Mount Up (Bounce Back)
Lil Cr33ps (My Time)
Ghetto Prince (Nobody Safe)
C.Bell (Let It Clap)
Shay Wize (Travel)
Tony Smaw (Wicked Love)
Lil_HusSlee (Compressed)
Shell Gang Gunna (Carro)
Eboy Fino (Better Off Alone)
Lit Rocko (Alone Nights)
P. Emery (Things I’ve Been Through)
Daggerz (Ten Life Commandments)
EIME (Alone)
Cold 💔 (Ride For My Dawgs)
Jewels Jaadda (Shut Tha City Down)
Gringo / Gnomo / Braga (Bandolera)
Sweetwood (Supernova)
Lydia Maddix (Walked All Over)
Fhernando (Dispute)
KrisP (Sequel)
FLOW (Snow)
Jola Yvés (AWKWARD)