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Vote For The CCG Top 20 (Week Of October 12)
Sasha Raven (Solace)
Larie (Girl Go Away)
Holborn Stereo (Two LIves)
Marty West (Flower Child)
Marle Thomson (Surf Rising)
The Far North (This House Is Ours)
Atiramo (Time To Waste)
Lil Barb (Lemonade)
Unkle Tony (Militant Life)
T Slim (TGisrxaL)
Spee Kup (Spaceman)
Lucker Price (Circle)
Rush Tha Visionary (Yours Truly)
Bad Bible (Undercover)
CJ Paine (Lostbird)
TAR (Internal)
Sedan The God Of Sound (Voices)
Dre Pressha & Deedy Baby (In Control)
SAYVON (Da One Two Bee)
Dedi Singleton (Just Because)
TheRealMicB (RIOYC)
Damian Bix (Just For You)
Amber Lee (Reconcile)
Ronnue ft Roc Phizzle (That’s The Way Love Goes)
Vvs.Ty (Intro)
Cedric B (Milk Chocolate)
Utter Depravity (Candy)
Matthew Miller (The World Of Today)
Si Madhava (Intoleran)
Silvanna (Armate Fue Facil)
Pat Anthony (Upset)
Dennis Tillman (Jesus Made A Way)
Jay Williz (Final Escape)
Joi Najae (Stuck)
Aria Elan (When Love Is Right)
Lil Renzo (Beautiful Pain)
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