Top 20 Voting

Vote For The CCG Network Radio Top 20 (Week Of June 21)
Sasha Raven (Solace)
Jay Venom (Diamonds)
Queen Wre (Down 2 Ride)
Kid Zion (Alpha And Omega)
Elijah Rosario (Aura)
DJ Prime (What I Miss)
Wynnm (The Feeling You Get When You Watch The News)
Mark Genesis (Feel It)
Lush Puppy (Hoarder Vibes)
Melissa Pettignano (Blessed Lord Jesus)
Jessy Yasmeen (Dreams)
Flame Spitter (Funamalini)
Lil Yeti (Cracking The Blunt)
Blazin Flames (Lit Remix)
Card (Sicker)
Jon Swaii (Contagious)
AIDAN-XX (Till The War Is Over)
Kartrel Sco (Slow Down)
Heavy Reyn (Finest)
Teca (You)
Deep Touch SA (Remedy)
TEEDRIP (Took My Bro)
Wevey (KOP)
Jack Cone (So Many Legs)
Vallee Garvin-Jones (Spirit Man Cry)
Goyard Gotti (Saturday Morning)
1more24 (GHOST)
Lil Jane (Taco Cartel)
Ronnue (She’s Always In My Hair)
Lil Kicks (Almost Gone)
Miss Kari (Sorry)
Benji Colin (What You Said?)
Groveboy Toot (Real Pnes 2020)
Black Dawn (Shine Yo Light)
Joel Bryant (Favorite Song)
Rush Tha Visionary (REAL)
MCGOKU305 (Dilly Dally Shilly Shally)
Renssy Rios (Fragmentos)
Giosia Perretta (L’inspiegabile)
1.Kidd (Zmije)
Boka OMW (The Pain I Feel)
Thirteen (Anime)
Making Up The Truth (God Save America)
It’s Cherry (A Brand New Life)
EIME (Lovers)
Lukapryce (Honesty)
Marle Thomson (Surf Rising)
Eliat (Envelope)
WaYa (Stand Up)
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