Top 20 Voting

Vote For The CCG Network Radio Top 20 (Week Of January 19
JDonn (Nobody’s Watching You)
Lani Mackin (I See The Light)
Flame Of Life (Clash)
Lush Puppy (Kill For Fun)
Jamal Da Rapper (Mobsters)
SPANNAR (Gas On Fire)
Lucian Okamikage (Talk That)
Muze Inspiration (For You)
Yung Tizzle (Thank You)
DeVonte Singh (Like ME)
Amanda ft. Joe-Nice (Where My Mind Is)
T-Rock (Dime Piece)
DREAD REDD (2reasons)
Ma$$-Dial3ct (Fire In My Veins)
Alan Ward (Suzi Wu)
Hoodbaby Curt (No Warnings)
Kingzay-thatruth (Say It)
Hudson Keown (Not Enough)
Unique Asun (God Zilla)
Jay Williz (Dear Momma)
Mike Rich (24 Hours)
Lil Dopefiend (Goodbye)
Brodie Reveir (Out Of My Headlines)
Biggfeva ft BlaqThompson (Make Me Feel Like)
Amazing Presh (Aching For You)
MRkeyboard (Waterdrops)
KZ (Barnyard Boogie)
CGRN Mac Milli (FOCUS)
OMT Manny (Doing Well)