About Ms. Luvie Smith

Ms. Luvie Smith is a lover of all things radio and media. She is the former program director of Trident Technical College’s Live 365 Radio station. There she was certified in radio production and was able to perfect her radio personality voice! Luvie is the current host of Charleston wine & discussion an interactive panel Discussion on ignored but important topics that need to be talked about in our communities. You can check Luvie out on air on Ccgnetworkradio.com daily in the mid days starting at 2pm eastern with a replay at 5pm to keep you calm during the drive at 5 traffic time hour! She is always looking for new independent artists music to play during her show and to have a featured Mini Mix Artist of the week. The mini mix artist will receive up to 4 of their songs played in a featured mix, an on air interview with Luvie in the studio, and visuals to be promoted throughout the network! #TheyCallMeLuv podcast is up next with spotlights with music artist, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Coming soon as well….media training with Ms Luvie to get you prepared to improve your brand and get ready to showcase yourself on radio and tv interviews. Positivity and Love is what Luvie spreads and speaks her positive affirmation constantly #goodmorning Psalms 143:8