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Thursday Night LIVE Artist Review Show


P. The Politician

The Thursday Night Live Artist Review Show is a platform created by P. The Politician who is  the Program Director at CCG Network. It was created as an outlet to give genuine constructive criticism to independent artists who are trying to improve their music.

The show is conducted live on Facebook and YouTube every Thursday at 9pm est and is hosted by P. The Politician.  Artists from across the world send music to CCG Network Radio for a chance to be reviewed by P. The Politician in front of a live audience.  This gives the artists a chance to see how their music matches up to a crowd of people who have never heard of them.  

The show is conducted in a very constructive manner and always has the best interest of the artist in mind.  The goal is to ensure that artists have all of the proper tools that they need to become successful with their music careers, so their music isn’t heckled or mocked during the show.

This is also a great time for artists and record labels to market test music to an unknown worldwide audience to get a real time response.  The option to purchase a VIP Pass is offered which will allow artists to get an IMMEDIATE review during the show and by pass the hundreds of submissions that are waiting on a free review. 

Artists who submit music to The Thursday Night Live Artist Review Show are also put into rotation on CCG Network Radio and have the opportunity to have their fans vote their music into the  weekly Top 20 Charts for the station. This is another way that The Thursday Night Live Artist Review Show was intended to help with the growth of independent artists. All artists have to do to keep their music in rotation is to have their fans call the CCG Network Radio Hotline at 843-751-2996 and request it.  

Artists can submit music by filling out the submission form located at  www.ccgnetworkradio1.com/submit 

If you are in Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine you can submit music through our official exclusive representatives of the “Thursday Night Artist Review Show” on CCG Network Radio by visiting https://ccgnetworkradio.com/russian-belorussian-ukraine-submissions/

Are you an Artist that just wants to be heard or a fan of independent music? If so, we here at CCG Network Radio pride ourselves as being the premium place where independent artists are being heard worldwide. Unlike traditional radio stations where only the affluent commercial artist gets airplay, we realize that there is a whole community of undiscovered artist who deserve to have their voice heard, so we decided to create the platform for that.

We also believe in building artist to help their careers launch into the next level. If your an independent artist we offer valuable tools such as our blogs, artists reviews and promotional services. If your a promoter, producer or anyone that offers valuable tools that artists can utilize we have a community that is more than excited to have you become a part of it.

Our main goal is to provide our listeners with a unique experience that embodies independent music that you won’t hear on mainstream radio stations. Whether your an artist or a fan of music CCG Network Radio is the place where independent artists are being heard worldwide