I Want to be Interviewed on CCG Network Radio


Want to be interviewed on
CCG Network Radio?


Get your 30 minute interview broadcast on CCG Network Radio, Facebook Live, and Youtube!,

I Want to be a Guest Host on Friday Night Live

Want to be a guest host aside P The Politician on Friday Night Live?


Plug your brand and music and review the music of Independent Artists live on Facebook!,

I Want my Music Reviewed First on Friday Night Live

Want to be first in line to get your music reviewed on Friday Night Live?


Skip the long waiting list and get your music reviewed first with the Friday Night Live V.I.P. Pass!,

I Want My Own Show on CCG Network Radio

Want your own show on
CCG Network Radio?


Take over the airwaves and be the host of your very own show broadcast on CCG Network Radio!

I want My AD on CCG Network Radio

Want airplay for your Ad on
CCG Network Radio?


Weekly and monthly packages available for Promoters, Producers, Artists, Brands, and Businesses!

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