Good Bye 2017

Written by on December 31, 2017

As we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to a new year….It happened with such a blur let me recap highlights of the year…..

Obama left the White House and we all said GOODBYE….And hello to the New President that some call 45

Rather you hate him or love him you cannot deny….He left Muslims…Hispanics…Blacks…Women…even the POPE with tears in their eyes

Drake dropped the Summer 16 Tour in the middle of winter….It was the highest grossing Hip Hop tour that made 84 Million

Im talking politics and RAP.….My name is P. The Politician…that’s FACT Kanye West and Jay-Z beefing….I never saw that

When Kapernick took a knee we stop watching the National Football League….At least if you were sympathetic to police brutality

We cherish our precious flag the blue white and red….But in the same breathe we turn blind when police shoot people DEAD

Twenty seventeen oh twenty seventeen pick a side this year cause we’re divided in twenty seventeen

WORLDSTAR WORLDSTAR that’s where I discovered SUPERHEAD….Rest in peace to Q the founder of WORLDSTAR…..he was discovered DEAD

Rest In Paradise to Prodigy of Mobb Deep
So many real ones lost in twenty seventeen
When they dropped shook ones I was about 17
So PRODIGY will forever be the HNIC to me

Rest In Paradise to my HEART my brother Caceeno….through EVERYTHING that I do the WORLD WILL KNOW….You’ll never be forgotten I’ll see you at the crossroads

So many things happened this year I almost forgot….Chris Brown and Souljah Boy was bout to get in the ring and box….

Trolling became a thing to get you fame…You COULD robb somebody and go LIVE like it was legal to snatch chains

Hell you could get shot by police while it was broadcast LIVE and STILL NO charges pressed when the evidence was right there on LIVE

The revolution is televised the revolution is televised….no no no it’s being broadcasted on Facebook LIVE

EMINEM and I see eye to eye….but he was white enough to get the attention when he called out the president’s lies

Lil Yachty called out Joe Budden on his own show…It’s An Everyday Struggle guess that’s why Joe Budden decided to go

Nicki Manaj loss the crown to Remy Ma….
And Lil Wayne still aint seen a penny from his paw

Cardi B had the number one single on the charts she led
It hadn’t been done since Lauren Hill who we discovered wasn’t dead

Homosexual rappers are running the game with their songs
I wonder if Sisco will come back and actually wear a thong
Tha thong thong thong

In 2017 Gucci Mane finally came home
He was in such good shape they thought he was cloned

If only I had the time to discuss every detail of the year
Shout out to all the independent artists who spammed my inbox with music
Every day this year

I wish you well I wish you well start off the New Year ON FLEEK
In 2018 I wonder if there’s anything President Trump can do to be impeached

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