Written By: Cymphani Cyrine https://www.cymphanimusic.com/cymphanispeaks I always talk about collecting your money as an independent artist and though every hard working artist does deserve to be paid for their music you can also be paid by doing other jobs in music. We look at moguls like P.Diddy and Jay Z and we wonder how they […]

Written By: Cymphani Cyrine Visit: https://www.cymphanimusic.com/cymphanispeaks I was asked a few days ago what are good ways to promote music. And of course people automatically start thinking of promotion as Facebook sharing, tagging, tweeting, Instagram posting and whatever your platform choice may be. But when you dig really deep into it your promotion technique depends on […]

Written by: Cymphani Cyrine Visit: https://www.cymphanimusic.com/cymphanispeaks Why I do this Why do I do this? A question I asked myself long ago, My heart is why I do this back then I didn’t know how much that feeling would grow, It started off being something I enjoy then to something I love, Then on to […]

Written by: Cymphani Cyrine visit: https://www.cymphanimusic.com/cymphanispeaks YES YOU CAN! Many artist release a ton of music everyday on Soundcloud, YouTube, Reverbation, Facebook and the list goes on and on. In more recent years some of these websites are involved in Artists receiving royalties as well. Did you know that when someone plays your music in Public […]

In an exclusive interview with DJ Pain 1 and BeatStars, Atlantic Records recently found themselves under fire after Wiz Khalifa’s producer E. Dan ,explains how record labels avoid paying producers. According to E. Dan, who makes up one-third of the production duo ID Labs, Atlantic is using the practice of retitling albums as “mixtapes,” “compilation […]

As we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to a new year….It happened with such a blur let me recap highlights of the year….. Obama left the White House and we all said GOODBYE….And hello to the New President that some call 45 Rather you hate him or love him you cannot deny….He left Muslims…Hispanics…Blacks…Women…even […]

Artists sometimes have a hard time recognizing what will actually get a listeners attention and what will turn them off.  Here are a few myths that if you believe in may damage an opportunity to gain new fans Music Career Myth #1: You can’t make it if you’re older than a certain age. Reality: Companies […]

So little is known about the faces behind the record deals , maybe it’s time to learn a little more. You never know when the Big Brothers of the music world are watching you! A&R stands for Artists and Repertoire. These individuals are responsible for selecting the musicians and artists that get signed to various […]

What makes a Hip Hop song Hit Worthy to the MASSES? Here are the ingredients that are needed and always present in catchy Hip Hop songs. Often times, home recording Hip Hop artists find that even when they feel that their rap lyrics are very well written, the recorded material just does not come out […]

What is the fundamental factor that determines whether you will succeed in the music business or fail?   The answer is: Your mindset. The level of success you experience in your music career is perfectly analogous to the choices you make and the actions you’ve taken up to this point. Both of these things are […]

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